CNC machined upgrade for stock hop arms in Mk23, SSX-23 when using TDC hop adjustment. 
Trusted Hadron Airsoft Designs "H plate" profile contact design, designed to optimise BB to bucking contact patch. For maximum MK23 optimisation.

***Please Note***
Ensure to use a Hadron Airsoft Designs single, dual or triple "Logic" screw plate in the Hadron Airsoft Designs M-TDC frame.

***Installation Steps***

  • Open Hop assembly.
  • Remove hop wheel and stock hop arm.
  • Install chosen barrel and bucking.
  • Close the Hop assembly.
  • Install the H-Arm into the hop assembly.
  • Fit the M-TDC onto the hop unit, with your chosen plate inserted.
  • Rebuild, and safely test with you chosen weight of BB

Hadron H-ARM