Please Note - EdGi SAP pistons can take betwen 15 -20 working days to arrive.


A brand new Shock Absorbing piston from EdGi custom works.


SAP - Shock Absorbing Piston 80G Base weight - 100g maximum

SAP - Shock Absorbing Piston 80g Base weight 100g maximum 316L Stainless Steel

Polyurethane Cap Type Seal Weights included: 80G, 90G, 100G & 100 40% Softness Sylicone Damper Threaded Airbrake for the ultimate in fine tuning Delrin protection ring-

Aluminum Barrel Spacer for base weight Spring guide *Do not use lubricant with any Silicone ingredients - this can cause the shock absorbing pad to swell. EdGi recommend using Motor oil or Grease to lubricate the SAP Piston.

EdGi SAP Kit (VSR)